What Does It Mean To Grieve The Holy Spirit? [Ask Pastor Chris]

What Does It Mean To Grieve The Holy Spirit? Will the Holy Spirit ever leave a believer? Does the Holy Spirit leaves immediately you sin of Grieve Him? Can you lose the Holy Spirit? What is the biblical definition of Grieve? What happens when you go against the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to resist the Holy Spirit? How do you know when the Holy Spirit leaves you? [Ask Pastor Chris]

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QUESTION: What Does It Mean To Grieve The Holy Spirit?

TRANSCRIPT: What Does It Mean To Grieve The Holy Spirit according to Ephesians chapter 4, verse 30.

ANSWER: It Means When Do Things Against God’s Word

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Simply, grieving the Holy Spirit means doing those things that are against God’s word. You know the Holy Spirit is the author of the scriptures.

When you do things that the word of God forbids you to do, you are grieving the Holy Spirit. Acts of unbelieve, fear, doubts also Grieves the Holy Spirit because the Bible tells us in the old testament that “when the children of Israel refused to believe Him“—when they could not be pasuaded—the Bible says “they grieved the Holy Spirit”. And constantly, they did things the things that God didn’t want. So, that’s how you Grieve the Holy Spirit.

But remember, there is a difference between “Grieve The Holy Spirit” and “Sin against the Holy Spirit“. They are two different things. But for your question, Grieving the holy spirit is what I’m telling you about.

When You do anything that the Holy Spirit of God doesn’t want you to do because his already expressly given you the guidance from the scriptures, then you grieved the Holy Spirit.

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