114 Vlad Savchuk Quotes (Holy Spirit, Faith, Purpose, Salvation)

Vlad Savchuk Quotes

This page contains a collection of Powerful Vlad Savchuk Quotes On the Holy Spirit, Healing, faith, fear, power, prayer, relationship, love, salvation, and more… The purpose of these quotes is to help you grow more in wisdom and walk with the Holy Spirit.

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9 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On The Holy Spirit

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1. Don’t limit the spirit by playing safe.

2. We can’t receive more of the Holy Spirit, but we can release more of the Holy Spirit.

3. We must release Holy Spirit by surrendering, speaking, and sharing.

4. It’s not about fighting the lust of the flesh so that we can work with the Holy Spirit. It is about walking in the Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

5. Make room for the Holy Spirit by praying bold prayers.

6. We can’t get more of the Holy Spirit, but we can know the Holy Spirit more.

7. Start working on your character and your intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

8. Follow the Holy spirit when it gets hard.

9. We are spirit led not spirit-driven.

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18 Vlad Savchuk Inspirational And Spiritual Quotes

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1. We were created to worship; we also were created for warfare.

2. God is not looking for more leaders, He is looking for laborers.

3. We have to change in order to bring change.

4. People are not looking for a friendly church, they are looking for friends in church.

5. All believers need power, a pasture, and pastors.

6. Born again believer doesn’t look for excuses to sin, but for ways to overcome sin.

7. Discipleship is not a department, it is a direction of the church.

8. Self-image is like a chain, it limits how far you can go.

9. The WORD tells us to walk in love, The WORLD tells us to fall in love.

10. We need God the way fish needs water and trees needs soil.

11. When you feel like you are being buried, remember you are being planted.

12. Sometimes, God delivers you from the fiery furnace, other times, He makes you fireproof.

13. When God doesn’t give us answers, He gives us His presence.

14. Don’t make permanent decisions in temporary situations.

15. our day begins with your night’s sleep.

16. Delay deliverance shouldn’t derail our devotion.

17. Spending time with God doesn’t waste time, it saves time.

18. If you don’t rest your fatigue, you will get arrested for failure.

23 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Faith And Fear

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Faith Moves Mountain, Fear Moves Us

1. Faith moves a mountain, Fear moves us.

2. Some people will never believe until they belong.

3. Jesus invited disciples to follow Him before they believed in Him.

4. If God is your strength in the trial, He will be your source in the triumph.

5. Don’t question in the dark what God reveals in the light.

6. Don’t trust in your perspective, trust in God’s promises.

7. Remember prophetic words so you can stay positive.

8. When you are filled with the fear of God, you have no room for the fear of death.

9. Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of its problems, it empties today of its strength.

10. There are reasons to fear, but there is a greater reason not to.

11. Fear is a spirit.

12. Fear changes your focus.

13. Fear changes your confession.

14. Fear creates mountains.

15. Move from fear to faith. God will make a way.

16. Worship is an expression of faith.

17. Talk to God about your fear, but don’t act on your fear.

18. Doubt is a struggle faced by the believer; unbelief is a condition of an unbeliever.

19. Doubt says ‘i can’t believe, I need more proof’. Unbelief says ‘I wouldn’t believe in spite of the evidence.

20. Doubt is born out of a troubled mind and a broken heart. Unbelief is an of the will.

21. Doubt is looking for the light; unbelief is content with darkness.

22. Doubt is honest; unbelief is stubborn.

23. Doubt is questioning what you believe; unbelief is a determined refusal to believe.

8 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Salvation

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1. Having salvation protects us from the wrath of God, but wearing salvation protects us from the attacks of the devil.

2. When you are born again, you get a new spirit, not a new soul.

3. There can be no spiritual growth without spiritual birth.

4. Christians can’t lose their salvation, but they can choose to forfeit their salvation; by walking away from the Lord.

5. When you are born again you don’t lose the ability to sin, you lose the ability to enjoy sin.

6. Satan uses sin to bring suffering, Gid uses suffering to bring salvation.

7. Transformation looks like you bring Jesus home with you.

8. When you receive Jesus, salvation comes to your house, not to your person.

17 Vlad Savchuk Quotes That Will Help You Live By Faith And Trust In The Lord

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1. God’s armor does not protect an “evil day”, but it prevents us from becoming an evil people.

2. God has anointed you to that which you are asking Him to remove.

3. In deliverance, God works for you, but in dominion, He works through you.

4. Relationship with God does not guarantee that people will act right, but it does give the strength to react right.

5. When you are filled with God’s word you will become familiar with God’s voice.

6. When you lower the noise in your life, you can hear His voice in your heart.

7. Believer comes to the cross. Disciple carries the cross.

8. You will recover what was stolen if you renew your strength.

9. It is better to wait for God to bring the right person than to wait for fo God to fix the wrong person that you brought to Him.

10. Devotion is about relationships. Devotions are about intimacy.

11. Trust in the plan of God when your life feels like the plot of the devil.

12. The atheist that says “why worship a God you cannot see?” is now hiding in his home from a virus he cannot see.

13. If God brought you to it. He will bring you through it.

14. God will show His glory through your story.

15. It’s only lonely at the top when your pace is faster than God’s grace.

16. The finished work of Jesus is the starting point of a believer.

17. Religion is you trying to see God, the gospel is trusting  Jesus.

2 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Prayer & Warfare

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1. Bondage is bad, battle is good. Bondage makes you a slave; battle makes you a soldier.

2. Pray to the Father so you don’t become the prey of flesh.

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4 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Forgiveness

Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Forgiveness

1. Forgiveness turns wound into scars, and God will turn scars into testimony.

2. Wounds neglected become infected. Wounds say you have been hurt, scars say you have been healed.

3. We don’t lose our relationship when we sin, we lose our reward.

4. We are not sinners because we have sinned, we are sinners because we are sinners.

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14 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Relationships

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1. You are ready to date when you don’t need to.

2. Delight in God before you start dating. Be so lost in God that the other person has to look for God to find you.

3. Relationship with God makes you whole; Romantic relationship reveals your holes.

4. Love is not a valley you fall into, it is a path you walk on.

12 Vlad Savchuk Quotes On Purpose And Calling

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1. Vision produces purpose, purpose results in discipline.

2. Career is decided, calling is discovered.

3. Do the general calling and your specific calling will be evident in no time.

4. Know your mission before you look for a mate.

5. Career is for money, calling is for eternity.

6. Career can change, calling doesn’t.

7. Who you are comes from whose you are.

8. Before Adam met his mate, he knew his master.

9. Jesus is looking for faithful, not faultless, don’t less your fault stops you from being faithful.

10. Sonship is free. Discipleship costs everything. It costs your ego and pride. If it costs Jesus His entire life, it will cost you no less.

11. Before you can fight goliath publicly, you must face lions privately.

12. If our pace is faster than God’s grace, we will lose the grace. If our pace is slower than God’s grace, we will limit the grace.

7 Vlad Savchuk Short Quotes

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1. You must be filled to be fulfilled.

2. When we are near God, we will hear God.

3. Your issue is not your identity.

4. Failure is an event, not a person.

5. Purity protects your passion.

6. Count your blessings, not your problems.

7. Start your day with God, not with work.

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Conclusion: Who Is Vlad Savchuk (Biography)?

Pastor Vladimir Savchuk is the founder and the leader of the HungryGen movement. He is also an author and an internet activist. pastors a multi-cultural church with a clear-cut, focused vision to see the salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, and the raising of young leaders.

Pastor Vlad was born in Ukraine into a Christian home, immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13, and became a youth pastor at the age of 16. Recently, he became a lead pastor of HungryGen Church.

He is married to the beautiful young gal Lana with whom he enjoys spending time and doing ministry together.

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