Should Students Give Tithes

Should Students Give Tithes? Why? Why Not? [Ask Pastor Chris]

 Should Students Give Tithes? Why? Why Not?

Should Students Give Tithes

Should Students Give Tithes? Why? Why Not?

I don’t work, should I Give Tithes?“, “Should jobless people also give Tithes?“, “Is Tithing for employees, workers, salary earners, self-employed people alone?”. 

Let’s find answers according to scripture 😊!

Have you ever wondered if students, who of course are most likely to not be engaged in a paying job are supposed to be consistent in paying their Tithes as our creator commanded? Or maybe you probably fall into this category and were wondering if you are scripturally or automatically exempted from it.

Aside from this, there are several questions raised recently in regards to tithing. They include: “Should I give my tithe to a pastor or someone in need?”, “Should I tithe while trying to pay off debt?“, “Must my tithe be in cash?“, “Why should I tithe?” and many more…

Tithe itself is an entire subject in itself. Just like finding the answer to any burdened question on your heart demands searching through the word of God and sought the Holy Spirit for clearance, so it is to fully understand the doctrine of tithe.

While shedding light on the question, “Should Students Give Tithes?“, References will probably be made and questions will surely be addressed.

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What Is Tithe? 

What Is Tithe

A tithe is ten percent (10%) of your income offered to God through your local assembly or spiritual leader. By tithing, you’re reckoning and confessing that he was the one who blessed you.

Should Students Give Tithes? Why? Why Not?

Deut.14.22 – “You shall truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces year by year.

This question was asked recently by a brother from South Africa and was addressed by pastor Chris, one of the most famous and influential religious leaders in Nigeria, and also the head of one of the world’s biggest Christian congregations, the Christ Embassy.

Q: SYDNEY 🇿🇦 —I wish to know if students are supposed to give tithes. If yes, please could you explain why we students have to give tithes and how we should do it“.

ANSWER: Yes! Students Should Give Tithes, And This Is Why… 

Pastor Chris Image
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

 —“The Bible didn’t address your status as far as tithe is concerned. He didn’t specify whether you’re a student or a worker. Because it didn’t mention the word ‘salary’. It says ” Of Your Increase”.

“Of your Increase” means “Of your income” however you have been blessed. It depends on if you got an income. Therefore, you tithe from whatever God has blessed you with.

And remember! We don’t have to tithe so that God can get something out of it. It’s for our benefit. You see, It’s that partnership that you come into with the Lord and that ensures your continual increase.

Constantly, He multiplies that which we give to Him. He never owes you. He never takes anything from you to keep you without. It’s never a deduction, it’s always an increase.

So remember, tithing is more to your benefit than it is to anyone else. So… It didn’t say that if you are a student don’t tithe or not. No!

He just said, “Of All Your Increase”. Anyone who receives an increase should tithe. Because by tithing, you are recognizing and declaring that he was the one that blessed you. In addition, you’re declaring a reaffirm of your partnership with Him in everything.

God lives in a realm that’s different from the one in which we live on this earth. So that partnership is important. That makes us work together. It’s a “koinonia”. That is the Greek word! It means partnering and fellowshipping together.

Listen and download pst. Chris Oyakilome‘s answer to the question “Should Students Give Tithes?” in the audio format below and remain blessed.


In a nutshell, yes! Students are expected to give their tithes. From whatever increase the Lord blesses them with.

Please share this with your colleagues as a practice of evangelism. God might be using you to save a soul.

Moreover, there are more questions on this platform (either asked publicly, privately or anonymously).


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