106 Mike Murdock Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Mike Murdock Quotes 

This article contains a collection of Powerful, inspirational, and motivational Mike Murdock Quotes. These life-changing short quotes by Dr. Mike Murdock are based on topics like Prayer, Love, relationships, giving, money, and more. 

The purpose? To edify your spirit, transform your mind, and change your reality. 

Remain edified as you read and meditate. 

55 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes By Mike MurdockInspirational & Motivational Quote image By Mike Murdock 

1. If the mind can conceive it, you can achieve it.

2. The only way you can change your life is through the renewing of your mind.

3. If Adam and Eve would have eaten the acceptable fruit… there would have been no hunger for the forbidden fruit.

4. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

5. A successful life is expensive; it will cost you something to become a champion.

6. You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

7. You will only be remembered for two things: the problems you solve or the ones you create.

8. A picture creates a feeling. The pictures on your wall are controlling your mind. The pictures on your wall are telling you what to think. Pictures decide your conduct.

9. You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.

10. Intolerance of your present creates your future.

Inspirational And Motivational Quote Image By Mike Murdock

11. Find the dominant strength and raise that strength to its highest level…!

12. Your imagination is more important than your knowledge.

13. If you can conquer that is inside your head, you can conquer anything.

14. All the battles of life are inside your mind.

15. Attack is proof that your enemy anticipates your success.

16. What your mind cannot master it will eventually resent.

17. Truth is the most powerful force on earth because it cannot be changed.

18. You don’t forget yesterday by meditating on yesterday; you forget yesterday by focusing on tomorrow.

19. Focus is a divine empowering to neutralize what God does not want you to notice. (See Philippians 3:13, 14)

20. Success will smile at the man who refuses to lie down in the corridor of failure.

Inspirational And Motivational Quote Image By Mike Murdock

21. God loves you because of who you are but he blesses you because of what you do.

22. Your rewards in life are determined by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve for someone.

23. Leaders make decisions that create the future they desire.

24. Immaturity is the inability to delay self-gratification.

25. When you access and evaluate your goals, you will unclutter your life of the unnecessary.

26. Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in something you do daily.

27. The key to surviving on the earth is His Word stored inside me…

28. Transformed means to have your nature changed… To be suitable for a new purpose.

29. The entry of the light forces the exit of the darkness.

30. Do Not Attempt To Alter Your Assignment. Just do it.

Inspirational And Motivational Quote Image By Mike Murdock

31. Losers Focus On What They Are Going Through; Champions Focus On What They Are Going To

32. Every person who abuses another human will be penalized by God. God will deal with that person. 

33. Sometimes you have to do something you dislike to create something you desire.

34. Popularity is when other people like you. Happiness is when you like yourself.

35. Every champion has discovered that pain is seasonal. It will pass… Don’t be discouraged by it. A New Day is about to dawn in your life!

36. The treatment you permit reveals the portrayal you have of yourself.

37. Depression will always follow any decision to avoid a priority.

38. Only fools make permanent decisions without knowledge.

39. You must see that your heart-Part… Your longing and your passion for God are at War with that mind.

40. If God gives you a picture of your future, it will probably be the opposite of your present.

41. God will give you new pictures. Instead of going back into your memory, let God move you into your future through your imagination. Your Memory Replays Your Past; Your Imagination Pre plays Your Future

Repentance Quote Image By Mike Murdock

42. The proof of true repentance is immediate restitution.

43. Every man has a king and a fool in him and the one you talk to reacts.

45. What you fail to destroy will eventually destroy you.

46. Don’t waste your time, it is too short, Valuable, and irreplaceable.

47. The treatment you permit reveals the portrayal you have of yourself.

48. Tomorrow contains more joy than any yesterday you recall.

49. Sometimes you have to do something you dislike to create something you desire.

50. A dream is something you want to become… do… or experience.

Inspirational And Motivational Quote Image By Mike Murdock

51. Create an environment for your future.

52. One of the parts of the vision is to create a learning environment.

53. Your future is a harvest produced by the seeds you are willing to sow.

54. Disregard unkind words of critics. Do not dignify their slander by repeating it. Criticism is usually the death gargle of a non-achiever anyway. 

55. Your mind and your faith respond to anything you say.

10 Mike Murdock Quotes On Prayer

Mike Murdock Quote On Prayer Image

1. Find a prayer group or birth a new group in your neighborhood or church. It could be the greatest contribution of your entire life. 

2. Jesus introduced the Formula for Prayer Power. It is called the prayer of agreement. Do not ignore it.

3. Atmosphere Matters. Protecting your focus is critical in releasing your faith.

4. Unclutter your hour of prayer. Miracles are at stake.

5. When you approach God, He wants you to remind  Him of His promises to you.

6. Name your needs. Determine your burning desires.

7. Every time you enter your prayer time, Satan will remind you of something you forgot to do.  It may be a telephone call to make or a letter to write, but it is designed to break your focus.

8. When you pray, be direct. Be honest. He rewards integrity.

9. When You Get Into The Presence of God, something happens that does not happen anywhere else. Bring to Him your fears, worries, doubts, and tears.  You greatly matter to Him today. You do.  So, enjoy Him. He certainly enjoys you.

10. Never verbalize anything you do not want to happen. Pray for your expectations, not your experiences.

10 Mike Murdock Quotes On Money

Mike Murdock Quotes On Money Images

1. You will never become rich until you hate poverty. 

2. Money is merely a reward for solving problems.

3. Men will spend their health getting wealth. Then, gladly pay all they have earned to get health back.

4. Order – the accurate arrangement of things – increases productivity. Productivity decides rewards.

5. Everywhere there is a problem, there is money.

6. Your schedule and your spending describe what you love in life.

7. My goal is for 300 people to hear the wisdom that God gives my heart for them to become millionaires for the sake of the Kingdom of God

8. Money’s an instrument. The Bible says money answereth all things.

9. The Person of Jesus creates your Peace. His Principles create your Prosperity. 

10. You see, what I am willing to invest my time and money towards reveals what I want. 

11 Mike Murdock Quotes On Relationships 

Mike Murdock Quotes On Relationships Image

1. Each relationship nurtures a strength or weakness within you.

2. Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you’ve been assigned

3. You will always move toward anyone who increases you and away from anyone who makes you less.

4. The longevity of every relationship is decided by the willingness to forgive


5. Loneliness Is Not The Absence Of Affection, But The Absence Of Direction.

6. Pay any price to stay in the presence of extraordinary people.

7. When wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening. 

8. Your significance is not in your similarity to another – it is in your point of difference.

9. When you keep doing the right things, the right people will enter your life.

10. Never eliminate anyone from the chain of your success. Jesus Never Discriminated. That is why He was a Double Diamond

11. Conversations Are Opportunities.

2 Mike Murdock Quotes On Love

Mike Murdock Quotes On Love

1. Pursuit is the proof of Love. 

2. To love something is to find it desirable; to respect something is to find it valuable.

4 Mike Murdock Quotes On Giving 

Mike Murdock Quotes On Giving Image

1. Giving is proof that you have conquered greed. 

2. Whatever you have been given is what someone needs…..

3. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.

4 . I, really sense the Lord saying to me: “There are churches, there are ministers and there are business people that this $8,500 seed is going to connect you to a million-dollar-plus decision. A million dollar plus opportunity.”

14 Short Mike Murdock Quotes 

Short Mike Murdock Quotes

1. Embrace the best… and let go of the rest…!

2. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

3. our self-portrait decides your conduct.

4. Never complain about what you permit.

5. Habit is stronger than desire.

6. Mentorship is the key to extraordinary success.

7. Repetition is a persuader of the mind.

8. The battle of the mind is for focus.

9. Uncommon Experiences Create Uncommon Men.

10. Life consists of a string of decisions.

11. Your daily agenda is your life.

12. Great men simply have great habits.

13. Word matters. They create life or death.

14. Someone Arrived Here Before You. Your Creator.

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Conclusion: Who Is Dr. Mike Murdock?

Michael Dean Murdock (born April 18, 1946) is a contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, televangelist, and pastor of Haltom City, Texas-based The Wisdom Center ministry. Murdock is most known for his support of prosperity theology and lectures all over the world. He is the host of the television show School of Wisdom with Mike Murdock.

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