Is Yoga Practice A Sin

Is Yoga Practice A Sin? Should Christians Do Yoga? | Ask Pastor Chris

Is Yoga Practice A Sin

Is Yoga A Sin? Should Christians Do Yoga? |Ask Pastor Chris Oyakilome 

There has been a controversy over the years about the issue of Yoga versus Christianity and we will be burying that in this article.

Is Yoga Practice Biblical or Ungodly? Should Christians Practice Yoga? Is Yoga Spiritual? Is Yoga A Sin? Is Yoga A Religion?

Is this one of the questions you’ve also been asking? Quietly pray for insight from the Holy Spirit as you read…

QUESTION: Is Yoga A SIN? Should Christians Practice Yoga?

Is Yoga Practice A Sin

Transcript: “It is said that yoga is a practice of self-awareness and the discovery of the divine within. Creating a strong sense of self in humankind. 

Yoga practices are popular among western countries and are often passed as a form of exercise. Some have the opinion that yoga is more of a religious or spiritual exercise than a physical one. 

Is there any Biblical backing for Yoga? 

ANSWER: Yoga Is Misleading! 

Pastor, faith healing minister, television host, and prolific author, Pastor Chris Oyakilome answered this question in a question-and-answer session by laying an accurate balance to help us.

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Yoga is based on a Hindu doctrine of some kind of meditation that is achieved through the discipline of the mind and the body to concentrate in such a way as to project yourself spiritually and become sensitive spiritual.

The Bible tells us what to do. The Bible tells us about meditation. And in meditation, it doesn’t tell you about the condition of your physical body even though all of that matters. But it’s not Yoga.

Yoga here is misleading and I will tell you why it’s misleading.

It’s is true that you could sit down, calm yourself, make sure you discipline your mind, and try to be quiet to meditate. All that can help your meditation. For sure!

But the point about yoga is this. It’s not Christian because it leads from one thing to another.

For example, in every religion, people pray. So if you ask me “is prayer okay?”, I will say “prayer is okay, but it matters who you’re praying to and by whose name you’re praying”. So it’s not about whether prayer is alright.

So when you say “yoga“. The very name “yoga” comes from the Hindu “doctrine”. They gave it that name. It comes from the Hindu “doctrine“.

Why didn’t you say “is anything wrong with exercise?”, “is anything wrong with prayer?”, “meditation?”, “spirituality?”. You chose the word “yoga” which comes from hindu “doctrine”.

Now, I’m I saying something is wrong with the Hindu doctrine? No! The point is, ‘There is no other name that has been given heaven whereby men should be saved except the name of Jesus Christ. That’s what the Bible says…

He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. So if you talk about prayer, if you talk about meditation, if you talk about anything, it should be consistent with what’s Christ has given us; Either directly or through His apostles or prophets “IN THE BIBLE”.


So, the Yoga style is the Hindu style and no Christian has any right to do it that way. So do it in God’s way and you will get that benefits.

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