Top 76 Famous E.W Kenyon Quotes

Top 76 Famous E.W Kenyon Quotes On Faith & Prayer

E.W Kenyon Quotes On Faith, Fear and Prosperity
Our Attitude Towards The Word Determines The Place God Holds In Our Daily Life

List of the top Famous Essek Kenyon aka E.W Kenyon Quotes on prayer and faith, the Word of God, Healing, Holy Spirit, miracle; all extracted from his messages, books, and sermons between 1867 and 1948.

Essek William Kenyon was a greatly anointed preacher of the Gospel. An Evangelist, Pastor, Poet, and Bible Institute President. He is popularly known as one of the best-selling authors in his time with life-changing books like “In His Presence“, “Jesus the Healer“, “A Blood Covenant“, “Identification: Romance In Redemption“, and more.

In this article, You will find the Top 76 E.W Kenyon Quotes that were based on Faith and Prayer. After reading these quotes, your mind will be enlightened to see and percept from a new pedestal.

Read slowly and prayerfully. Pause where it is necessary, and meditate on with your heart widely opened to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 76 Famous E.W Kenyon Quotes

E.W Kenyon Quotes On Faith, Fear and Prosperity
A Strong Confession Coupled With The Corresponding Action On The Word Brings God On The Scene

1. Faith will lead you where reason cannot walk.

2. Unbelief cannot pray; it can only utter words.

3. Faith is what holds the word of God up to Him in prayer like a mirror. Then He sees Himself in His Word.

4. Prayer is the living Word in the lips of Faith.

5. When we quote God’s Word, we quote Him. When we rest on His Word, we rest on Him.

6. Prayer means a vital contact with the Father, we are near Him enough to breathe in His very presence.

7. When need touches Jesus, it makes demands upon His ability to meet that need; and prayer is the way in which we touch Him.

8. Prayer keeps man in close contact with the Father and with the Word.

9. For you to disobey the call of prayer, you are disobeying the call of the Father.

10. Prayer illumines the Word, it illumines the mind; It freshens and heals the body.

11. A strange feature about prayer life is that it reaches the uttermost parts of the earth. You can reach out to other human spirits through the Father by praying.

12. Prayer is our method and mode of dominating the diabolical forces that are wrecking civilization.

13. If you do not take your place in the family of God, in the church, and begin to function (with consistent prayer), the body of Christ is weakened because of it.

14. Everyone of us has a place we must take in the prayer life. God has no unused members.

15. Everyone has a place, with that place comes responsibilities, and with that responsibility comes reward or demerit.

16. Nobody has the right to criticize others because they aren’t praying more. The Holy Spirit is the only one who has this position.

17. There are only two ways to get acquainted with the Father; prayer and the word.

18. There are people who will be utterly lost unless you take your place in prayer.

19. Unless you take your part in prayer, men will cry against you through eternity.

E.W Kenyon Quotes On Prayer
Prayer is a constant communion with the Father and it enriches one spiritually

20. Prayer is a constant communion with the Father and it enriches one spiritually.

21. The greatest duty that you will ever perform for your family is your prayer duty.

22. God could make man His son, but if the son didn’t have fellowship with the Father, then there is no joy for the heart of either.

23. Prayer should be as natural as breathing and as enjoyable as eating.

24. Prayer should be as unconscious as our communication with each other.

25. Prayer should not be the child of need, but should be based on spiritual fellowship with the Father and with the Master so that our needs are His needs; for we are not our own, we are a part of Him.

26. Prayer is talking it over to God, getting His views, His wills, His plans, and our carrying out these plans with grace, ability, and wisdom.

27. If prayer is a visit with our Father, we should think of it as a Privilege.

28. Our feeble reasoning has pushed faith out of the arena. So the devil can combat successfully with our reason. But if faith gets reason’s place, satan is whipped.

29. Prayer is the voice of faith to the Father.

30. A man might preach with the eloquence of a teacher and be the most skilled of diplomats as a soul winner, but he will fall short of ministry in both fields if he isn’t backed up by the prayer life.

31. If you lived with the Lord in the secret, you will be able to pray with great freedom in public.

32. Prayer brings you into personal fellowship and touches with the Father, with the Holy Spirit, and with Jesus.

33. You can’t spend any length of time prayer without being affected by it.

34. There is a heavenly fragrance about Jesus that lingers with those who prays: They are slow to speak, slow to judge, but quick to help, and love.

35. If you deny that miracles are for this age, you deny the need and privileges, and benefits of prayer.

36. For God to hear your prayer is equivalent to answering.

37. Any divine intervention, any arrest of the laws of nature that comes in answer to faith is a miracle.

38. The moment you say “there are no miracles”, you deny that our walk is a walk by faith but by reason.

39. Prayer is an excursion into the supernatural realm.

E.W Kenyon Quotes On Faith, Fear and, Prosperity Prayer
As we meditate on the Word and become a doer of the Words, our spirit slowly but surely gains ascendancy over our sense-ruled minds

40. As we meditate on the Word and become a doer of the Words, our spirit slowly but surely gains ascendancy over our sense-ruled minds.

41. Reading a book about faith, and men of faith and their exploits stirs in the heart a deep passion for faith but does not build faith.

42. The word alone is the source of faith.

43. When you pray in the name of Jesus, it is as though Jesus prayed; there can be no denial.

44. Hope says: “I will get it sometime”. Faith says: “I Have It Now“.

45. The man who attempts to rule with hate and selfish words will only awaken the selfishness and the meanness in those he tries to dominate. But faith, working through love, will fill the heart of men with joy, victory, and success.

46. Love and faith have produced the highest civilization, the finest characters, and the greatest enterprises.

47. If you don’t have a spiritual birth, it’s better you never had a physical birth.

48. Unanswered prayer stands between the individual and the faith life.

49. Faith is the result of the WORD dwelling in us. I don’t mean the word committed to memory. I mean the WORD lived, practiced until it has become a part of ourselves.

50. My righteousness is just as good as Jesus’ righteousness because it is Jesus’ righteousness.

51. Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.

52. Never give an experience the first place in your life. The WORD must have that!

53. Satan can’t cope with the man who knows he is the righteousness of God in Christ.

54. The greatest concern I have ever had regarding my ministry, was the ability to rightly divide the word so I could give men the food. The bread of the Almighty.

55. Faith talks in the language of God. Doubt talks in the language of man.

56. So many people have faith in other people’s faith but little in their own. God the Father has no favorite. Every child has the same legal rights. It is not a lack of faith that keeps us from using the name of Jesus, it is a failure to use our rights and privileges.

57. The preaching that produces little convictions caused by the word not having been in the heart of the teacher.

58. Jesus has given you the right to use His name. That name can break the power of disease, the power of the adversary. That name can stop disease and failure from reigning over you. There is no disease that has ever come to a man which its name cannot destroy.

59. They have heard your confession of weakness and failure. Now change your song and sing the song of the victor. Every time you confess weakness, you become weaker. Every time you confess your sickness, you become worse. Every time you tell people about your lack, you have more lack. Begin to confess your fullness, the ability of God to make good.

60. I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, that only as we yield ourselves to the Lordship of love can He ever build Himself into us.

61. A strong confession coupled with the corresponding action on the Word brings God on the scene.

62. Holding fast to one’s confession when the senses contradict shows that one has become established in the word.

63. A satan-inspired confession is always dangerous. Remember that he brought that disease and put it on you.

64. Health and Wealth are obtainable by the Believer’s positive confession.

65. Our attitude towards the Word determines the place God holds in our daily life.

66. The Word should always be the Father speaking to us. It should never be like the message from an ordinary book. It should be as real to you as though the Master stood in the room and spoke to you personally.

67. Faith is acting in the face of contrary evidence. The senses declare, “It cannot be”, but Faith shouts above the turmoil, “It is!”.

68. Faith comes by getting acquainted with the Father through the Word. It does not come by studying the Word alone, but by actually living the word, doing the Word, practicing the Word, and letting the Word live in you.

69. The cultivation of our spirits comes by through our giving our spirits the right of way in our daily walk; it comes by listening to it and letting it rule our reason.

70. God’s word is inspired by the Holy Spirit and is the food for recreated spirits.

71. Fasting and praying for long hours doesn’t build faith.

72. Claiming this promise is not Faith. Faith already has it. Claiming proves that one does not have it yet.

73. It is unbelief attempting to act like Faith.

74. Faith says: “Thank You Father”. Faith has arrived. Faith stops praying and begins to praise.

75. Unbelief quotes the Word but doesn’t act upon it.

76. If your word is of no value, you will reason that the Word of God is of no value.

E.W Kenyon Biography

Born on April 25, 1867, in Hadley, New York, Essek William Kenyon (E.W Kenyon) is a Pastor, Evangelist, Poet, Author, and President of Bethel Bible Institute.

E.W Kenyon Early Life

He was less privileged in his education as a result of his financially unstable family. However, he eventually became an educator. He was determined and passionate about being an actor but ended up as a pianist and organ salesperson.

At age seventeen, walked into a methodist prayer meeting and was dramatically converted. He then started to win souls for the Lord and an obvious gift of evangelism spread out of him. Later he lamented on the fact that he have not received the Holy Spirit and then he left the Lord, walked in darkness, and broken fellowship for about two and half years.

E.W Kenyon Ministry

In 1893, AJ Gordon (1836 – 1895) was leading a service that Kenyon walked into. In the meeting, the Holy Spirit whom he had passionately desired came upon him and as a result, he gave his life to God forever. Eventually, he became a member of the freewill Baptist and was made the pastor of one of their churches. A few years later, he left the denomination due to his discomfort about how funds were raised the started an independent work.

Many people came to him for training and from his bitter experience from the difficulties of being a new convert he thought about the Bible School. At the turn of the same century, he founded the Bethel Bible Institute.

Kenyon is said to be the father of the faith movement. He got to mentor kingdom generals like Reinhard bonke and Kenneth E Hagin.

During his time on earth, Essek William Kenyon’s rapid growth in ministry and results caused criticism that suggests he mix Christianity ideas added with metaphysics to promote his belief. In spite of these, the Lord remained with him. The more the critics, the more he kept growing and enlarging with massive, evident, and profound Miracles as well and lives been transformed.

E.W Kenyon Miracles 

One of the naturally unbelievable miracles that happened with E.W Kenyon was the incident of an accident he had with his friend in the same car. The man involved in the accident had a shattered head which caused his brain to spill out. There wasn’t any record of E.W Kenyon laying his hand on him, but the man stood up clean without a trace of blood or injury.

On several occasions, E.W Kenyon sent out healing cloth to people who are out of his reach. And with faith, people’s different needs were met.

E.W Kenyon Family

In 1893, on May 8, Essek William married Evva Spurling. Evva Kenyon died in 1914. Subsequently, Kenyon married Alice M. Whitney and had a son and a daughter with her.

EW Kenyon Death

In 1948, E. W. Kenyon died, and his daughter Ruth, with whom he was living, continued on with his publishing ministry.

E.W Kenyon Books

  • The Father and His Family: The Story of Man’s Redemption (1916)
  • The Wonderful Name of Jesus (1927)
  • Kenyon’s Living Poems (1935)
  • Signposts on the Road to Success (1938)
  • The Two Kinds of Knowledge (1938)
  • Jesus the Healer (1940)
  • Identification: A Romance in Redemption (1941)
  • New Kind of Love (1942)
  • The Two Kinds of Faith (1942)
  • The Two Kinds of Righteousness (1942)
  • The Two Kinds of Life (1943)
  • In His Presence: The Secret of Prayer (1944)
  • New Creation Realities (1945)
  • What Happened: From the Cross to the Throne (1945)
  • The Blood Covenant (1949)
  • The Hidden Man: The New Self: An Unveiling of the Unconscious Mind (1951)
  • Basic Bible Course: The Bible in the Light of our Redemption (1969)
  • Advanced Bible Course: Studies in the Deeper Life (1970)
  • Personal Evangelism Course (2012)
  • What We are in Christ (2013) Compiled and Edited by Joe McIntyre


  • A New Type of Christianity (CrossReach Publications, 2016)
  • Claiming Our Rights (CrossReach Publications, 2015)

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