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David Yonggi Cho Quotes 

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Inspirational Quotes By David Yonggi Cho 

1. We must be serious about church growth if we are concerned about the future of the Church of Jesus Christ. Church growth is not just another fad. Jesus came to build a Church, and that Church has been asleep until now. It is waking up! Any church that wakes up is going to grow.

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The Man Don’t Make The Vision The Vision Makes The Man

2. The man doesn’t make the vision; the vision makes the man.

3. Vision is vision. But when you have a vision, you should pray until you have faith.

4. Vision is the mother of faith.

5. Feed this language of faith into your soul, visualizing God’s daily provisions. Then, like David, sing out that you are satisfied every day in the green pastures of your life.

6. The law of God is like a mirror to keep us in check and look good before God and not to intimidate us.

7. Since it needs no reciprocation, the love of God constrains our natural reactions which cause so many of our conflicts. To love is to be set free. To love is to act as an agent of the Holy Spirit and not react to circumstances and people. To love is to enter a place of existence that causes us to be unshackled from the fears and frustrations which dominate this world.

8. God has never chosen perfect people to accomplish His perfect will. This is obvious in His choice of Jacob and Kind David. This is also obvious in his choosing me.

9. If you do not plan anything then that means that you are planning to fail.

10. You should have a burning desire for a goal, and you must keep on seeing that goal accomplished.

David Yonggi Cho Quotes On The Faith

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The Only Way To Take Control Of Your Situation Is Through Prayer

1. The only way to take control of your situation is through faith.

2. God will never bring about any of His great works without coming through your faith.

3. A lot of people walk by knowledge and NOT faith, faith comes by Rhema word.

4. Without having a clear-cut goal, how can you hope? How do you have faith?

5. Christ hated fear, showing man that he was born to live by faith.

6. God, I will always wilfully choose faith and not fear no matter what situation I am in. 

7. Faith and doubt will always exist together. Believing is choosing faith over doubt.

8. Jesus used the spoken word to change and create. The Holy Spirit needs your definite word, the spoken word of faith.

9. God allows us to go through certain tests so that our faith can grow stronger. Great faith is a result of severe testing.

10. When we pass through a valley dark as death we may neither see nor feel the presence of God. But we do not have to. David created the presence of God with his language of faith. He affirmed, “The Lord is with me.

11. By the spoken word we create our universe of circumstances.

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Dying Is Easy, Living Is Hard. It Takes No Faith To Die, It Takes A Lot Of A Faith To Live

12. Dying is easy, living is hard. It takes no faith to die, it takes a lot of faith to live.

David Yonggi Cho Quotes On The Holy Spirit 

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God’s Divine Executive Agent In The World Is The Holy Spirit

1. God’s divine executive agent in the world today is the Holy Spirit. 

2. The measure of our faith is in direct proportion to our communion with the Holy Spirit. 

3. Through the communion of the Holy Bible, we receive Spiritual blessings and tell Him our earnest desires. 

4. However abundant the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God are, if the Holy Spirit does not lead our heart into such grace and love, our faith is merely dead words. 

5. If the Holy Spirit does not help us to commune with the Father, our prayer will be like that of the Pharisees, totally lacking life. 

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David Yonggi Cho Quotes On Prayer

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Nothing You Can Do Will Benefit You More Than Prayer

1. Nothing you can do will benefit you more than prayer.

2. You could remove the powerful preaching from our church and it would continue. You could remove the administration of pastoral care through the cell group system and the church would continue. But if you remove the prayer life of our church it would collapse.

3. The hour is not too late to begin a life of prayer.

4. If we pray without faith, we are simply making sounds in the air. They never get further than the ceiling.

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5. As air is the breath of life, prayer is the breath of faith.

6. Prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue. To pray effectively, we must listen to God as well as speak.

7. American preachers preach long and pray little, we preach the Word and pray long.

Short David Yonggi Cho Quotes 

1. I pray, and I obey

2. God has to deliver us from the fear of what others will think!

David Yonggi Cho Books

These are the top and most popular books written by Pastor David Yonggi Cho before he went to be with the Lord: 


4th Dimensional Living In A 3rd Dimensional World

David Yonggi Cho Book


PRAYER: Key To Revival

David Yonggi Cho Book


Solving Life’s Problems 

David Yonggi Cho Books


Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner

David Yonggi Cho Books


Ministering Hope For 50 Years

David Yonggi Cho Books


David Yonggi Cho Church

the name of David Yonggi Cho’s Church is. Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC). After being revived miraculously from tuberculosis disease, Yonggi Cho, a former Buddhist, received Christ in 1953. Seoul’s Full Gospel Theological Seminary (now Hansei University) in 1958, he established his church initially a tent hill and his messages of hope drew many people living on the street as a result of the Korean War. 

Ever since then, his ministry kept growing in number and impact till it became the church with the largest congregation.

Conclusion: Who Is Yonggi Cho?

David Yonggi Cho (14 February 1936 – 14 September 2021 as Paul Yungi Cho) was a South Korean Christian minister. With his mother-in-law Choi Ja-shil, he was a co-founder of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (Assemblies of God), the world’s largest congregation, with a claimed membership


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