Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA] of AskGospel is a respecter of law and we are so watchful in this case especially when it deals with copyright infringement policies.

We invest keen attention by carefully supervising every file in different formats or written article that has been uploaded on our website. This is obviously to avoid the issue of having unauthorized property in our custody.

But just in case you find any belongings of yours uploaded or posted here, we sincerely apologize from the deepest part of our hearts. This must have been a skipped or unnoticed property during our manual investigation.

We run a membership platform, and this implies that users can often take actions including uploading and writing without us knowing where it sources from.  However, things like these are part of our repercussive rules stated on our term and policy page. But we have vowed to take responsibility as administrators.

Without further ado,  please do well to humbly and politely send us a notice message, and we promise to take due action immediately.

We apologize once again and thanks for your understanding.

God bless you ❤