100 Powerful Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes

100 Powerful Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes 

Theophilus sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

Minister Theophilus Sunday is a unique Nigerian revivalist with a strong anointing. He is passionate about seeing youths transformed by their consistent fellowship and hunger for God and His person.

Min. Theophilus Sunday describes himself as a priest with a mandate to make men one with GOD. He is popularly known for his uplifting songs, chants mostly ministered live.

The great man is no doubt one of the men the Lord has raised to bring the church back to order and oneness. His songs’ lyrics and even his appearance in certain places are obvious proofs for that. Listening to him stirs hunger and passion to seek and press for more, and that will also be achieved in this article.

After intensive and extensive research, I was able to gather 100 powerful Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes That will Increase your hunger for God. However, these quotes will be updated very often. So, subscribing to this website so that you can receive a notification each time I do so is the best thing you should do right now.

Without further ado, get your spirit, soul, and body edified and you prayerfully meditate on the following quotes by Min. Theophilus Sunday

100 Powerful Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes

Theophilus Sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

1. The reason why we have not seen much of God is that we have not begun to live like Him.

2. Everyone is hungry for God, but the food we want to eat is different.

3. When we sing worship in the natural world, we need someone to assist us with instrumental. But when the Holy Spirit sings, you will hear everything at the same time.

4. If your spirit is active, you will understand what the spirit of God is saying per time in every sound that is echoed in your spirit.

5. According to eternal principles of manifestation, you are not permitted to preach any message that has not become an experience to you.

6. The reason why we still have stories to tell the world is that we have not become.

7. In eternity, you don’t sing anyhow.

8. No angel has the capacity to convert a man.

9. Every worshipper is a priest that has the capacity to exist in eternity and time.

10. Every worshipper, even when you’re alone in your room, you are before a congregation, and your first congregation is the Holy Spirit.

11. Anytime you’re invited to a place, don’t go as a guest minister. Rather, go with an empty cup. Because you also want to be filled.

12. What you do in the secret has the capacity to determine the atmospheric condition of any place.

13. Worship is not what you do unto God, it is who you are to Him.

14. Spiritual songs are not written, they are gotten.

15. When you ask the Holy Spirit questions and He answers you in return, fellowship erodes; and when fellowship erodes, nature is exchanged.

16. No man that is born of God is permitted to get married until he is married to the Holy Spirit.

17. It is a burden that gives birth to prayer life.

18. If you are a worshiper, your worth word is intercession.

19. In eternity, your thought is louder than your words.

20. The reason why you don’t get responses from eternity when you expect is that your heart has not stayed on Him.

Theophilus Sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

21. Oh Lord! Let my uselessness be obvious without you.

22. For any man to be able to house the Holy Spirit, he must die. A living man cannot house the Holy Spirit.

23. God is more interested in koinonia than the work He gave you.

24. The Holy Spirit is not just the custodian of the secret of God. He is the very secret of God.

25. When a man genuinely encounters the Holy Spirit, his journey begins from perfection.

26. It is not consistent in the pattern of the spirit that you fall and rise continuously.

27. People who brought revival did not know they brought revival. They were looking for something greater than revival.

28. There is a quest you can make that will take God forever to answer. That’s the quest that makes men relevant forever.

29. I am desperately searching, earnestly longer for a place I cannot describe, but when I find it I will know.

30. If you know the value of what you are waiting for, how long you wait will not matter.

31. Worship is a deep act of priesthood and your first service is to God.

32. The proof that you have the Holy Ghost is not that you can speak in tongues. The proof that you have the Holy Ghost is that you lack the ability to sin.

33. God seeks for Men who will Worship Him in Truth and Spirit as a Body, not as Denomination.

34. The church is not a place where people gather. The church is the one that gathers people.

35. No man puts a New Wine in an Old Wineskin, which means if you want to house the Holy Spirit, You must keep yourself pure daily!

36. There are things that heaven does not give to you because you asked for it, but because they trust you.

37. One shouldn’t be after the Stage, because the Real Stage is in the Secret Place!

38. Unless you wait, you cannot be a Minister of the Spirit. The strength of every believer is if He/She is operating from a Waiting state!

39. The sin of blasphemy is not about what you do, but who you do it to.

40. Fruit is a product of Nature.


Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

41. You can lose a gift but you can’t lose your nature.

42. You can lose what you have but not who you are.

43. Long life does not equal ETERNAL Life.

45. The Race we are running is not a sprint race. it’s a marathon race.
In this race you don’t need speed, you need endurance and our finish line is not a place.
Our finish line is a PERSON.

50. The distractions of this AGE beckons on us. Ask JESUS TO HOLD YOU. The Road is becoming slippery daily.
Help this feeble Boy LORD

51. it is possible that you will be in ZION and GOD will have to seek MEN in Egypt to do HIS biddings… Ask JESUS to help your Heart, for the Distractions of this Age Beckons!

52. How come the EAGLE forgets, that the only place she can see well is from a HEIGHT!
Ascend Oh EAGLE and WAIT!

53. Seek for what is Eternal. Hunger for what is Eternal

54. Friends I tell you solemnly, this road that you tread upon is still very ancient. It is still an Ancient Path.

55. The Greatest asset a man can ever have is INTIMACY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Don’t trade it for anything

56. May I never be too fast; May I never be too late. Help me to Run in your PACE JESUS.

57. Stay even when HE is not answering, Stay even when HE has Answered.

58. Until your place of Covenant and consecration is complete you can’t have access to the very depth of the Father.

59. Waste the strength of your youth upon seeking Jesus. It is a good way of wasting strength.

60. Prayer is a journey, and the destination of every prayer is that Christ be formed in you.

Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

61. It’s the Holy Spirit that knows the current state of the Father’s heart. Ask Him to help you journey in love.

62. What is the weight Of sacrifice that your alter can take?

63. There is a spirit within you that knows the mind of the Father. Allow that spirit to pray through you.

64. The Holy Spirit is best experienced than taught.

65. Teach me your ways oh LORD and show me my days In them. That no single second of my life on earth will be lived in vanity. Till we see HIM face to face.

66. DEATH does not come before Manifestations, Death for GLORY comes after Manifestations, I hope you will forgo everything in the day GLORY comes calling. There’s no GLORY here I tell you the truth assuredly.

67. We don’t want to fake YOU anymore, we don’t want to rehearse YOU anymore, we don’t want to act YOU, we want YOU for real JESUS.

68. Long life does not equal ETERNAL LIFE. Always stay with JESUS! The Finish Line is a PERSON!

69. I hope that in all of your Quest for, and service to God, you are not a slave to MAMMON in disguise though in the Name of JESUS. (Guard your Heart and Check it Always).

70. The reason why a believer finds it difficult to pray for the CHURCH is that He/she is not part of the body. Stay connected to the TRUE VINE (JESUS).

71. A man that prays PRAYER loses count of the times he prays because eternity is not time-bound, for it’s the praying spirit that prays within HIm.

72. Stay even when HE is not answering, Stay even when HE has answered.

73. We are in the season where the cry for MERCY cannot be over-emphasized, the MERCY of God has the capacity to help you overcome anything holding you back in your Walk with God. The Mercy of God can help you rebuild that broken relationship you have with GOD.
NOTE: You don’t cry for MERCY standing, You must go back on your KNEES.

74. Insist on me HOLY SPIRIT till I look like YOU. let your Mercy find me.

75. It takes a revived man to revive another.

76. No matter what the world will throw at me. It’s I and my Lover. I Have been bought with a price.

77. A worshipper is a PRIEST. And what a PRIEST has is an ALTAR, not a stage.

78. Let me not Run until You Enable me. Keep me stranded till You enable me. Let me not speak till You enable. JESUS hold my hands so I won’t wander away from You.

79. For me the future I see is not a ministry to fulfill NO, The future I see is an image (JESUS) standing before me daily that I must look like. The bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh (The Church).

80. The Highest form of sacrifice you can offer to God is your Life.

Min. Theophilus Sunday Quotes
Min. Theophilus Sunday

81. God Seeks for Men who will Worship Him in Truth and In Spirit as a Body Not as Denomination.

82. OH ABBA!!! We ask that the strength of your CHURCH will not be that we are many. But our strength will be that we are ONE.

83. The REWARD for HUNGER is more HUNGER.

84. The Holy Spirit is a life, not an event.

85. Until ONENESS is achieved we can’t know the bidding of God.

86. The way you host GOD determines whether HE stays permanently or Leaves. Seek HiM beyond the Stage and Lights.

87. The Proof of Revival is that we will see JESUS walking on our streets again.

88. A breed of PURITANS will rise. Not men with rhema but men with the NATURE.
Not men with deep words but men with deep HEART.

89. A man who journeys with GOD prays without knowing.

90. The HOLY SPIRIT is not a Pentecostal Spirit neither is HE Orthodox. HE is not denominational!

91. The name JESUS does not belong to any particular religion.
The name JESUS is a name given to all MEN.

92. Eternity, in a nutshell, is WORSHIP… WORSHIP is a journey that has no END.

93. The HOLY SPIRIT, whether in Heaven or on Earth is in ETERNITY.

94. A worshipper does not worship into the spirit, He worships from the spirit.

95. The life of a Priest is not his own even after Death.

96. If your WATERS must be always fresh your container must be PURE.

97. Even the new wine requests for a new wineskin.

98. The school of the spirit is the only place where God can be properly TAUGHT.

99. The school of the spirit is the only place where God can be properly TAUGHT.

100. The Potency of an Altar is the Fire that BURNS on it.

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