100 Powerful GUC Quotes That Will Change Your Life

100 Powerful GUC Quotes That Will Change Your LifeĀ 


GUC Quotes
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Gift Ugochukwu Christopher, popular known as GUC is a Nigerian gospel music minister and anointed worship leader whose songs and ministrations have been blessing and transforming lives massively all over the world. The pattern and dimension of his ministry are so distinctive.

On this page, you will find about 100 Powerful GUC Quotes That Will Change Your Life In 2021. These quotes include his sayings during ministrations, quotable lyrics, and his quotations on his social media handles.

Be blessed as you read through…

100 Powerful GUC Quotes That Will Change Your Life

GUC And His Wife

1. In the aviation of destiny, there is no place for arrival. The most notable place is that of departure.

2. Don’t jump past God’s timing and metronome, you won’t like the music.

3. God also loves that person you hate passionately.

4. Our inability to see people’s value does not make them less valuable.

5. Stop complaining about the darkness and light some candles.

6. When you say “I can’t do it”, It is not the truth; it is your decision.

7. You may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks you are worth dying for.

8. Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s trouble; I take away today’s PEACE.

9. Stop memorizing people’s wrongs and start Forgiving.

10. Don’t be afraid to be different. You don’t have to conform. Therein lies your niche. Your uniqueness. Be different from the pack.

11. Don’t let guilt rob you of your communion with God. Come boldly to the throne room.

12. If people can try to scam God by only coming to Him when they need something, they can do it to any human that comes their way; It is inherent in them. They can only reach out to God for what they need and want not an actual relationship. Then it won’t be strange when they do it to us.

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13. Please don’t be found outside God’s will. It isn’t the safest and the most fulfilling place to be at. Stay constantly aligned with His instructions; passion and leading are two very different things. Always be led and sync with God’s spirit.

14. When people are open and vulnerable with you, don’t take advantage of them, you need to grow to a point where people can confide in you without being trampled on or watered down to nothingness. The world is already a messy place, don’t worsen it beloved. Contend for strength by the help of God to be all you should be in His will…

15. The beauty of our Christianity is in the diversity of our unique virtues and gifting. This in itself explains how colorful and multifaceted our God is. Anything other than this will wear out the plan and beautiful expression of creation in itself; That is why birds excel in the air and fish in the water. If you do what you weren’t made for, you may tire out and maybe sober for a long time until you find true essence in your reality.

16. You can’t have an idea. But you cannot totally see a man’s future and what God’s plans are for that person. Everyone is a big deal to God.

17. Beyond everything you do, beyond every spiritual exercise, beyond every action you exude, God is very keen about your heart.

18. If your intentions are corrupted, your actions are flawed.

19. As a child of God, what has your existence projected thus far? Think about this and find meaning.

20. Don’t be trapped by the cost of a vain lifestyle to the extent that you lose your essence and peace of mind.

21. Anytime you take up a Trophy, realize someone had lifted it once.

22. You can’t fund the maintenance of who you are not. Stay true to who you are. It’s expensive to be someone else.

23. It shouldn’t only be when you take pictures in very beautiful buildings that you proclaim the goodness of God. You can take videos and pictures in the creeks and still put the tag “God is good”. His being good isn’t bent on circumstances.

24. A lot of times what makes you a bad person in the eyes of people is the access you didn’t grant them. Your firmness irks and hurts them. Keep being firm and sold out to God-beloved, you don’t need to be everywhere.

25. More than PLATFORMS more than EGO more than ACCOLADES, more than TITLES and FAME; Be bent on pleasing JESUS. It may not go down well with people, but have people in knowing that He is glorified in every action and that He is pleased with you. Don’t lose the purity of your heart, Boldness, and firmness for anything. Let people know what you are all about in secret and open.

26. You can decide that your timeline/page brings Healing, Hope, Restoration, and Love to the hearts of people or you can decide that it brings strife, anger, hurt, and pain. Decide well. God is counting on you.

27. Keep working hard. Stay consistent. Someone somewhere is telling someone how good you are.

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28. Be less concerned about what table you were invited to sit at and be more concerned about whether God told you to sit there.

29. You have the comforter in you. Learn how to comfort people with your words, it goes a long way.

Minister GUC Quotes

30. Our comfort is in knowing that, no matter what happens Jesus is still so mindful of us. He is ever willing to keep being our refuge and our strength.


32. We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about the progress and prosperity of others. Our ambitions must broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for the sake of the kingdom’s achievement. Do the little and the best you can.

33. When you are leading a generation of young people, you won’t spend time on things that don’t matter or on discussions or thought patterns that are time-wasting. Your goal and focus will be to point them to Jesus, bringing them into stature, in Love, Purity, Character, and Love of God.

34. When you find yourself being part and partial of a vision or a work, make sure you do your part very well; Make sure nothing dies in your hand. Take people’s matters like yours. If you live in a person’s home, take care of it like it is yours. If you are serving somewhere, serve like it’s your vision. A time will come when your diligence and heart for others will speak for you. Ignore the tendency to be selfish.

35. Boredom can make some people caring and you will think it is love.

36. Value people! No matter who they are.

37. Choose to Honour. Choose to love. Choose to be selfless. Choose to be the difference. Be distinctively special. Beyond your gifts and talents.

38. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

39. Protect your joy. Decide to be happy. Protect your sanity. Focus on what matters.

40. In the days when men attempt to make all truth relative, we must remember that the Bible is definitive about the way a Christian should live.

41. Learn to honor people beyond your words, and beyond their age. Honour is a system for everyone; It shouldn’t be selective to only those who pamper your ego or tickle your fancy.

42. You have to see your UNIQUENESS as an answer, and not a problem.

43. When the thoughts of bombarding people with requests and want comes, also think of how they are fairing too. Don’t be consumed by your need that you forget that the person at the receiving end of your request may also be passing through something. Sometimes, helpers also need helpers. Be sensitive, be considerate and be less of SELF.

45. Do yourself the good of not putting too much emphasis on how people should care for you, it will do you good and save you from hurt. Live your life with the intent of fulfilling destiny through God’s might.

46. Scripture reveals that people will know us by our fruits and not by how many bangles we wear, how deep our tongues sound, or by the name of our different churches. In other words, the character is more important than power. No matter how deep we may seem to be, if we reject character, we won’t be able to escape the consequences. As believers, we must place priority on what word exalts and CHARACTER is one of them.

47. Our lives are worth living because He (Jesus) Lives.

48. True success is not counted by how high we have claimed, but by how many people we had brought with us.

49. People manifest in seasons. Don’t look down on anyone.

50. You may not be able to do anything about your past, but you can influence your future.

51. You can’t fund your destiny. Don’t rush to be known. There is a preparation for a major introduction to the world. He (God) is on it.

52. Seek that staying power with your sole hunger only for the things God can give in His own time.

53. The worst person to be around is someone who complains about everything and appreciates nothing.

54. You can change the narrative people have on a city, family, or environment by being different. The quality of man’s impact is not proportional to his fame or popularity, but the evidence of change in the lives of those who encountered him.

55. In the place of asking for fire, also ask for character. Be the complete package.

56. As a believer, be more concerned about what the Holy Spirit is saying than what is trending.

57. Don’t become too critical to the extent that things that were meant to change and bless you, bypass you. How can a cup that is already full receive?

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58. Realize early enough that you are an instrument in God’s hands for the advancement of His kingdom. This will guide and keep you focused on what matters.

59. You will naturally irritate those who don’t want your progress… That’s a reason why you need to shine even more.

60. The things that you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.

61. I wish you knew how much people draw strength from your strength.

62. Don’t satisfy yourself with today, tomorrow has a lot to give you.

63. Be grounded, stay under one master, and grow. Don’t run off elsewhere without leading. If God truly spoke to you about that place you are currently serving in, then stay! Learn to master the mystery of staying, it will pay off someday.

64. You have an audience! Be consoled with that beloved. Understanding this will give you total FOCUS and DOGGED drive to do this kingdom work without FEAR and COMPROMISE.

65. If you are not called to minister or you aren’t invited as you would please; will you still call God faithful? If your church isn’t filled and things seemingly “aren’t working”, will you sit; serve in Truth and Spirit? God is going to test us beloved, with seasons of silence and seasons of BUZz. Be sensitive and make sure you stay in His will you are safe there.

67. Honour the call of God upon your life beloved. Go through training, pruning, purging, and discipleship. Don’t hold back your light, and most importantly be sensitive to know when and how to begin. Stay in God’s will and keep your heart pure.

68. God is an endless Economy.

69. If your focus is not the kingdom, you will see everything as a means to get famous, richer or a means to talk down others because of your supposed result.

70. Do what you have to do to God proud, no matter how different you look from the crowd.

71. Character has a fragrance whether it’s bad or good. No matter how sweet your words and actions are, wise men know you by you fragrance that your words and actions exude; strive to develop a good character with the help of the Holy Spirit, it will help you as you journey up the ladder of greatness.

72. Be careful whose shoulders you cry on. Some shoulders are simply public address systems.

73. When people can’t understand your victory, they try t lie about your strategy.

74. Stop giving someone else the job of making you happy. Let the joy of the Lord consume you.

75. Be reliable! It speaks volumes than just being gifted or anointed.

76. Amid the fear and compromise, if you are the only voice left, don’t stop talking! A generation is listening… You are the hope of the new dawn. Be bold and resilient.

77. Familiarity depreciates your level of respect for someone or people. Be mindful of it. It creeps in so fast. Decide not to let it eat up your see of honor.

78. Respect people’s feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean anything to them.

79. People’s rejection shouldn’t stop you from being the sweetest person on earth… Keep being you…

80. If what instigates your push for revival is self and not KINGDOM-based, wrapped around with true love, FORGET IT! Revival is not a BRAND or a cliche. It’s a movement aimed at purging saints and the unbelievers of self/flesh and sin. Many have misused it as a means to show off vain gestures and actions. If your heart isn’t in sync and in line with kingdom and sincerity to the fact that you too need help, then forget it. Beyond the acrobatics and eloquence in speech, true revival stats from the mind and is needful for everyone.

81. In ministry, Your love for God must be a constant factor. In the days of trial… Only that love can fuel your passion.

82. Your life is a true mentorship class already, be careful how you live it. A lot of people are watching. Beyond our songs, sermons, and activious.

83. In as much as God is interested in the fruits of our lips, He delights more in the sincerity of our hearts.

84. Anger, resentment, jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others, It only changes yours. Guard your heart. In all you do, be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you are, while reputation is merely what others think you are.

85. Be sold out until there is no business again for the devil.

86. You will be criticized, But do well to make sure on your part, you are doing a wonderful job. Hit your target and stay glued to Jesus always.

87. The strongest people are not just those who show strength in front of us, But those who win battles win know nothing about it. They usually are not all over the place with activious doings. They are Goal getters who aren’t time-wasters or big talkers.

88. Pride is droppable, It is not as weighty as you think. So do the needful.

89. There is a lot you will miss out on when you have a critical mind. Always pointing flaws and imperfections in people.

90. You will be remembered! But what will you be remembered for when you are no more? A lot of things will change for you in the light of good if you understand and think through this question.

91. Let our reasons for doing anything be tied around God’s intent for Humanity and His Kingdom.

92. A lot of responsibilities lie on your shoulders. Don’t get carried away by the vicissitudes of life. God is counting on you to be more, be effective and be vigilant for what is to come.

93. You will find contentment when you don’t lobby for the things God can easily give you. It is honorable and satisfying. It may not be as fast as others get it, but stay patient and build until it comes.

94. There is nothing like “No condition is permanent”. Some conditions are permanent when the conditioned refuses to embrace change.

95. Stop wasting your time and energy on the opinion of a person who cannot discern your depth and see your value.

96. Be careful not to become a men pleaser. For this reason, some have become unfruitful in the work of the ministry.

97. Make sure you are fully booked too in your secret place.

98. Let you Praise time supersede your worry time.

99. Align your motive when desiring power and anointing.

100. Make sure your popular demand is God’s Mixtape.

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